My thoughts on reincarnation before reading this book: Probably not. My thoughts on reincarnation after reading this book: Probably not me?

One Soul, Many Lives by Roy Stemman

Similar to near death experiences, an experience where people cross the divide between life and death and experience some sort of supernatural something, I am extremely skeptical of reincarnation and past lives.

How would you even know?

But upon reading Roy Stemman's Book One Soul, Many Lives I understood it may be more of a complex idea that I had originally thought. Instead of someone's disdain of dogs being credited to the fact that they used to be a cat, Stemman outlines and interviews people with knowledge and abilities that could very possibly be explained by having had a past life. A general with intimate knowledge of Rome despite never having been there may have very well been in Caesar's legions. Or a woman whose vivid knowledge of Nazi Germany bringing her to tear despite the fact that she was Norwegian could be credited to the fact that her soul, not her eyes, saw the horrors first hand.

I suppose that is something which is reasonable. It just didn't happen to me. (or did it?)

While his evidence is exhaustive and thorough, I would not necessarily always call it compelling. Pondering the question of whether or not children's imaginative games are somehow rooted in ties to a past life does seem a little farfetched. Crediting the fact that a little boy always came home to play store meant that he used to be a store keeper is a little much. Stemman says nothing as to whether or not his parents took him shopping or the context in which he lives. Further, children having memories of being alcoholics without giving any information on the alcohol habits of their role models leaves me far from compelled to broaden my beliefs.

This book did lead to me some interesting reading about Past Life Regression Therapy, or using hypnosis to unlock your past life and hopefully it will help you bed some issues you are having in your current life. This practice can sometimes cure phobias, which regardless of whether or not it is true, makes the potential placebo of it seem worthwhile and like a positive thing.

The most important takeaway I had from this book, besides the fact that even my skepticism couldn't deny it was a stellar read; if something helps people then they should be allowed to believe it. The Ministries believes in the validity of belief and its positive effects. So long as no one is being hurt from your actions, that is.

If you want to use our free online ordinations to start your own home church that focuses on the past lives of you and your followers, go ahead and do it. Best of luck.

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