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Tips for Overcoming Loneliness

It's completely natural for humans to crave companionship. While it's nice to be alone sometimes, most of us feel the need to spend time with other people. This may be a spouse, a parent, or a friend. Isolation for long ...

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Health Benefits of Fasting

The act of fasting is relatively common in several different religions. The term can have many meanings depending on who you ask. For example, someone may decide to fast from television for a week. This means he or she w ...

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Why It’s Pointless to Worry

Stress and worry are a common theme in most people's lives. Whether it's stress over finances, health, or relationships, it seems that most people spend a great deal of their lives stressed out. It's only natural, and th ...

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Should Breastfeeding Be Allowed in Public?

Parents often receive an incredible amount of judgement and opinion when trying to raise their children. Even seemingly simple decisions are often met with unsolicited advice or head shaking from those who think they k ...

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Six Ways to Deal With Your Anger

All of us deal with anger from time to time, and rightfully so. Anger is a natural emotion, and it's perfectly okay to get angry every once in a while. There is such a thing as too much anger, though. What happens when ...

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Be Married, Be Happy

Some new advice seems to align very well with traditional old advice that wise parents have given to young adults for ages it seems: marry your best friend. A new economic research paper has found that perhaps the best ...

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More Children = More Catholics

Catholic Bishops are taking a stand. They are standing strong against the rights of women to receive birth control coverage as a part of their health insurance. The Catholic Church condemns condoms and hormonal birth con ...

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Raising Your Vibration

By: Wendy Rae - Guest ULC Ministries Blogger You Are Energy Did you know that your well-being vibrates and communicates to the universe and others in an invisible and undetected way? While raising your vibration has be ...

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