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How To Get Married

![How To Get Married](/assets/ulc/blog/scaled/wedding-doozy-twosie.jpg){.wp-image-3933 width=270 height=179} It is best to know how to get married before you commit to holy matrimony. Read below to get a qu ...

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Contact Information for Oregon Ministers - Universal Life Church

Marriage licenses issued by counties in the State of Oregon require the phone number and address of the wedding officiant's organization to be printed on them by the wedding officiant before they are filed. Marriage lice ...

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Rob Dyrdek: Pro Skateboarder And ULC Minister - Universal Life Church

For those who missed it the first time around, the episode of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory that featured the titular character performing his sister's wedding ceremony in Los Angeles, California aired again last ...

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Perform A Wedding in New York City

There are a handful of places in the United States that are "hotspots" for marriages performed by Universal Life Church Ministries ministers. These areas include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and the metropolitan ...

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Minister Reminder - Universal Life Church

While most US states require Universal Life Church Ministries ministers to present some form of documentation when they file for a marriage license after performing a wedding ceremony, many do not. County clerks in sta ...

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Always Contact County Clerks Before You Perform A Wedding

American marriage laws are confusing; they vary greatly from state to state - and even from county to county in some states - and can be subject to spontaneous and arbitrary changes if a judge or attorney general decides ...

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Notice Concerning Tennessee Weddings

A notice for Universal Life Church ministers who are looking to perform marriage ceremonies in the State of Tennessee: It has come to the attention of the ULC Ministries that our ministers occasionally experience issu ...

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The ULC and gay marriage in Washington State

The governor of the State of Washington, the state where the Universal Life Church Ministries is located, has begun an impassioned push for gay marriage. As we have indicated many times before, the ULC firmly supports ma ...

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New Louisiana Marriage Laws

A quick note for Universal Life Church ministers who are planning on performing wedding ceremonies in Louisiana: It has recently come to the attention of the ULC Ministries staff that some Louisiana parishes (counties) ...

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Letter to Lady Gaga from the ULC Monastery

News broke on December 12 that Lady Gaga, pop music sensation and "Mother Monster" to millions of "monster" fans, is looking to become legally ordained online in order to perform a gay wedding ceremony for her frien ...

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