Groom and Bride After Exchanging Wedding RingsYour wedding ceremony is a celebration in which you make the commitment to your partner official. While the officiant you choose writes most of the words used in the ceremony, the exchange of rings script is often up to the couple, particularly if you want to personalize your vows. It's a big responsibility, but if you follow these tips, there's no reason it has to be overwhelming.

Tell a Story

Your friends and family probably know a lot about your relationship already, but the ring ceremony script is the part of the wedding when your story takes center stage. To get the creative juices flowing, reflect on a few questions about your partnership:

  • How did you meet?
  • When did you know you were destined to be together?
  • What do you love most about your partner?
  • What does this commitment mean to you?
  • What do you promise your partner?
  • How will you continue to show him or her your love?

Once you answer a few of these questions, the ring exchange script may seem to write itself. After you have the basic outline, filling in the blanks is much easier.

Share an Inspiring Quote

You want to make your ring exchange vows unique to you and your partner, but that doesn't mean that every word you say has to be your own. There are many romantic quotes that work beautifully in a wedding script. A quote that complements what you have already written is a classy addition. It can also get you out of a writing rut if you are stuck.

Incorporating an inspiring quote can be especially meaningful if you reference a movie, book or poem that you both love or that has special significance to your relationship. The sweet moment in the romantic comedy you watched together on your first date is a great memory to include in your wedding. The main character's declaration of love in the book you read together in book club is also a nice touch. If a love of other people's words is a part of your connection, it just makes sense that they would also be a part of your wedding ceremony ring exchange.

Involve the Minister

The minister who officiates your wedding is a rich resource of script ideas. Most ministers have performed weddings of various styles, and they can help couples adapt their vows for the ring exchange to fit the tone of the ceremony they want. They usually have scripts that are easy to adapt to suit the couple with whom they're working. Getting the minister involved helps to ensure that the ring exchange wording flows well with the rest of the wedding.

In fact, in traditional ceremonies, the ring exchange portion is led by the minister. The officiant states each line of the vows, and the couple takes turns repeating them back in agreement. Of course, if you each write your own vows and you want them to be a surprise at the wedding, this option won't work. If you want to focus on the ring exchange itself without having to remember vows that you've memorized, however, repeating them after the minister is a good way to make this section of the ceremony go smoothly.

Finding a fantastic wedding ring exchange script doesn't have to be a trial. You can adapt an existing script to reflect unique aspects of your relationship, or you can write your own from scratch. You can share an inspiring quote or focus on how your own love story began. Whatever you choose, planning ahead is the key to having a meaningful ring exchange with the perfect vows to start your lives together.

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