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Three Paths to Prosperity

Many feel for the economy to recover, it will need divine intervention. Here are three religion's answers. While some would say the government has done nothing to turn the economy around, others would maintain that soli ...

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New Options to Achieve Immortality

Watching the evening news, whether it is on the computer, cable or on-demand, you notice one consistency throughout the programming on every channel:Â America's obsession with a prolonged life. One may even ...

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ULC Ministers Do More Than Perform Weddings

The hundreds of thousands of Universal Life Church Ministries ministers do more than officiate wedding ceremonies; many are called to the ULC‚ to help others. While some people get ordained online through the Univ ...

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The Official ULC Rapture Dinner Party

Let's face it folks, your last meal should be a great one, offering your guests comfort but with enough razzle dazzle that they'll remember it till the end of their days. We're going with a Surf & Turf combo here bec ...

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Capturing the Essence of the Royal Wedding

After an eight year courtship, Prince William and Kate Middleton are finally getting married. The couple will wed on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey. Presiding over the wedding will be the Archbishop of Canterbury. M ...

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