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Faith communities, particularly in Western cultures, tend to focus on aspects of spiritual well-being. While strengthening faith is certainly a noble pursuit, it is also important to keep a broader view of the whole pers ...

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The mark of a healthy organization is its ability to grow in new directions. This can be more difficult than it seems on the surface. Your congregation likely has clear ideas of what it expects from the church, and any a ...

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Stress is an unavoidable part of life; in fact, some stress can even be good for you. But if you don't handle stress well it can quickly become overwhelming, so learning to complete the cycle of stress is important.

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Keeping up to speed during a church service can be hard for anyone at times, but especially so for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Fortunately, there are steps your church can take to make services accessible.

Category: Religion

The process of finding a new church is very different than it was ten years ago. Nowadays, most people research online rather than in person, so churches need to make sure that information is conveyed effectively.

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Trying to bridge the gap between people of different faiths can be a daunting task. Even if you can identify some shared core values, the way you express those values may appear to be in opposition with another's express ...

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Mutual aid groups often spring up as grassroots movements that seek to meet the needs of communities at the local level. Mutual aid can take many forms beyond what one may consider the typical routes.

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Your church should be a positive force within your community, but people also come to church to form interpersonal connections with others. Rather than focusing on the big picture, spend some time in small groups.

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Goats get a bad rap in the Bible, both metaphorically and literally.  But goats can represent a shortcoming of Christianity; picking out groups to be shunned and ostracized does not embrace the message of Jesus.

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Many people are not as open-minded as they like to think they are, or once were.  If you value your image of yourself as a reasonable individual, try taking some steps to stay as open-minded as you strive to be.

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