Your favorite online ministry is pleased to announce that it is planning to add a number of professionally produced videos to its YouTube channel within the next several months. Perhaps the most significant of these clips will be a series of "How To" videos which will help ULC ministers learn how to become ordained online, perform a wedding ceremony and plan a wedding, among other topics. Several of these videos have already been posted on our channel, and you should feel free to check them out.

One of the many professionally made YouTube videos which are going to be posted to our channel can be viewed below:

Let us know if you have suggestions for other videos you would like see and learn from.

We would like to give the many Universal Life Church ministers who read this blog the opportunity to give us suggestions on what they would like to see in these videos. Have you been ordained for years but are still apprehensive about the idea of performing a wedding? Ask us to create a video that discusses the ins and outs of officiating the areas of wedding ceremonies you are most uncomfortable with. Interested in starting your own prison ministry but have no idea where to begin? Our staff will be delighted to create a video walkthrough of prison ministry work if enough people share your sentiments. Ultimately, our YouTube channel is meant for our ministers' benefit, and we are more than happy to consider your suggestions.

On a final note, the Universal Life Church is disappointed by the low number of weddings performed by its ministers that it gets to see. If you have footage (or pictures, for that matter) of your wedding or a wedding of a close friend or family member that you are interested in sharing with us, please send it our way. Our hope is that we will be able to add videos of at least a couple of weddings performed by ULC ministers to our YouTube channel so that other ministers can refer to them when they are training to perform marriage ceremonies of their own.

Thanks for reading, now start thinking up some ideas!

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