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Perform A Wedding in New York City

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There are a handful of places in the United States that are “hotspots” for marriages performed by Universal Life Church Ministries ministers. These areas include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and the metropolitan areas of Texas; a myriad of weddings … Continue reading

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A Guide to Gay Weddings: the Proposal

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Gay marriage is more prevalent than ever, but how should couples navigate the big day? Marriage, a time honored tradition wrought with etiquette is beginning to change and expand. In honor of these changes, the Universal Life Church Ministries is … Continue reading

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Alabama pastor implies gay marriage is more terrifying than nuclear accidents

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Why the ULC Ministries cannot stay silent on Pastor Richey’s broken silence on gay marriage This is the third installment of the ULC Ministries’s “Fear Blog” series where we highlight the ways in which fear is used in inappropriate religious … Continue reading

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New York gay marriage bill finds strong opposition

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An athlete and the Catholic Church speak out against same-sex marriage The night of June 23 was marked by the celebrations of millions of gay rights and same-sex marriage advocates across the country after the news of the New York … Continue reading

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The Universal Life Church Congratualtes New York on Passing Gay Marriage

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The ULCM commends New York on their efforts to ensure marriage equality for all citizens by passing legislation legalizing gay marriage! This bill marks the passage of same sex marriage in the largest state thus far; New York is the … Continue reading

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