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Controversy and Conflict

The Issues That Divide Humanity

Tiananmen Square Conflict ULCThe human race is, by nature, contentious. We are prone to disagree, argue, and fight. These wholly natural tendencies manifest themselves frequently in society, politics, culture, and, in particular, religion. Hot-button topics like abortion and gay marriage, which bridge multiple categories of conflict and are thus all the more controversial, can even surpass more pressing national concerns like the economy and trade in the mind’s eye of entire countries. As religious officials, every Universal Life Church Ministries minister should be familiar with and knowledgeable about the hot-button issues that can – and frequently do – divide the men and women around them. The ULC Ministries should be a firebrand, however – they should use their knowledge to mediate and inform as opposed to incite anger or hatred.

In order to realize the mantra “We are all children of the same universe”, the ULC Ministries minister must fight to end the squabbles that lead humanity nowhere and are ultimately inconsequential. We, and all of humanity, are relying on you to help your fellow human beings realize that their most bitter enemies are in reality much like themselves.

It would be impossible to gather all of the controversies and conflicts into one comprehensive collection, so we have highlighted a few of the world’s more interesting and pressing issues here. Peruse the articles we have put together to educate yourself and, in turn, your fellow man.