Begin Your Free Ordination

Doctor of Divinity


This is the same type of degree you would receive, from any other church in America. This degree allows you to put the D. D. behind your name, and it will open many doors for you.

Thousands and thousands of people from all over the world have already received this degree. The Fundamentalist type, the Metaphysical type, and the New Age type.

This degree does not give you any authority, such as marrying people, or anything else having to do with the state. It is strictly a religious degree. However, it does allow you to use the title of ‘Doctor’.

If you have a Ministers Wallet Card with the Universal Life Church, then this will give you even more power in the church. If you do not have a Ministers Wallet Card, and would like to have one, you may want to order one here.

Many thousands of people from the Baptist church, the Catholic church, and the Pentecostal type churches, from around the country, have this degree.

We do not require a test for this degree. We belive that your life experince, and spirtual quests, qualify you, just as well as any other degree of divinity..

This Doctor of Divinity Degree has been our most supportive, in order to keep the church operating. It is the first degree the church has offered.

The Federal Court case that we had, where the state said that we could not give this degree, we appealed it in Federal Court. Judge Battin’s decision in the Federal Court said that we have a right to give this Doctor of Divinity degree. I will assure you, that any state or people will not deny a Federal Court decision.

We are a group of people with an unincorporated charter, organized to help people. Our Doctrine is this – we believe only in that which is right, and that everybody has the right to determine what is right for themselves

OUR GOAL – “A Fuller Life For Everyone”

OUR OBJECTIVE – “Eternal Progression”

OUR SLOGAN – “Do The Right Thing”

We have many other things you might want. We have a ministers card that you place in your car windshield when visiting hospitals and rest homes, or when you are parking in town, that states you are on official business.

If you have a press card, and you want to write a story, or just get some news, just place the card in your car window. If you get stopped by a cop and are going to fast, tell him you are on your way to a meeting to get a news story. Chances are, 9 out of 10 times, he will let you go.


The Doctorate of Divinity, Ministers Card, and Press Pass or Wallet Press Pass, are all available from the ULC catalog.