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Please add the ULC's page to your circle on Google Plus!

Recent changes to Google's search algorithm have given far greater weight to Google Plus pages in the search engine giant's search results. As such, the ULC Ministries deemed it to be time for ulc.org to get a Google Plus page; if this site is slated to be the next big thing in social networking, the ULC staff wants to make sure that its ministers are able to connect with our online church just as well in the future as they are now (both through this blog, our Facebook page, the [Ministers Network][2], and so on).

Visit the ULC Google Plus page

Please let us know if there is anything that you would like for the ULC to add to its Google Plus page. We recognize that there might be services, commentary, and church news that you want us to provide on our Facebook page and other mouthpieces but we do not. Our online church is particularly afraid that we might be missing whole chunks of the tools available on Google Plus due to the fact that not a single staff member has had any experience with it up to this point. We are hoping to learn as much as possible about this still-young social network so that we can provide the maximum amount of benefit to you, as Universal Life Church ministers, through it and your input on how we can accomplish this is much appreciated!

Furthermore, ULC ministers can rest assured that content updates on other Universal Life Church social media outlets, Facebook, the Ministers Network, and Twitter, will not suddenly drop off now that we have a Google Plus page. Our organization hopes to treat this new social network just as it has approached every other site it is currently on, and will not give preference to it.

Finally, the Universal Life Church would GREATLY appreciate it if you would add our Google Plus page to your circle (or, if you don't have an account, if you would create a profile for yourself and then add us). You will do our online church a great service if you do so!

[2]: http://ministers. /

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