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It is best to know how to get married before you commit to holy matrimony. Read below to get a quick run down on how the marriage process works.

Marriage is a beautiful union between two persons who take a vow to care and love for one another for the rest of their lives. Because marriage is a civil union, getting married requires some paperwork.

Every state requires that the couple wishing to get married must apply for a marriage license. They must do this in person at the county clerk's office. They will be required to show proof of identity and place of birth. If either person has had a previous marriage, then he or she must show proof that that previous marriage has been annulled. There is usually a fee for applying which varies between six and 26 dollars. After sending in the application there is a waiting period that varies between one and five days before the wedding can take place.

After the wedding ceremony has occurred, the wedding officiant will sign the marriage license. The license must include the date and the place of the wedding as well as the names of the married couple. He or she must then file for a marriage certificate by sending off the marriage license to the marriage license bureau. The wedding officiant is usually a religious leader, like a conventional minister, or, in the case of a civil union, a judge. The couple can simply speak with one of these individuals at their respective place of work or worship. However, because it is difficult to become a minister, rabbi or judge, there are other ways to become licensed to perform marriages. Anyone who wants to be a wedding officiant can get ordained online with the Universal Life Church. This is a great service for couples that want to be wed by family members or friends, instead of a religious leader or a judge that they (the couple) might not know very well.

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