Wedding Training

Happy Couple Being Married

Welcome to the ULC Wedding Training Center, a comprehensive hub for wedding officiants and couples that covers everything from how to write a wedding script, to how marriage licenses work, to the key steps to ensure a wedding is legal, and more. Whether you’re getting ready to say “I do”, or you’ve been asked to officiate a wedding ceremony, we’re thrilled to offer some valuable tips, guidance, and tools to help you prepare for the big day.

If it’s your first time officiating, we recommend starting with our free online step-by-step wedding guide that explains the basics of performing a wedding from start to finish. For more details on the process for officiating in your area, be sure to review the requirements for performing a wedding in your state.

Once you’ve done your research and learned what documents and supplies you’ll need to officiate, don’t forget to visit the Minister Store where you can order your supplies and ensure that you’re prepared for the big day.

Scroll down to see the full collection of wedding training tools and resources!