Candle Magic for Beginners

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Candles have always been a part of our spiritual practices. This guide will help you harness their true power with incredibly simple yet effective spells.

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Fire has long been used in religious rituals and is often associated with higher powers. People of vastly different cultures and faiths have been incorporating burning candles in their practices since approximately 3000 BCE. In Candle Magic For Beginners, author Richard Webster provides a fully in-depth guide on the topic, starting with a detailed history of the common and religious uses of candles, the different types of candles you might use to achieve different ends, information on candle color meanings, and of course some spells.

There are many benefits of using candle magic over other forms of magic spells. As this book will show you, candle magic is extremely versatile. You can learn to perform binding spells, practice rituals to attract people or things. You can summon protection for yourself and those you love, and even discover how to divine the future.

Unlike other forms of magic, candle magic does not require years of training. Particularly since this guide was written with the novice in mind, the rituals found in it are quite simple yet effective. They can also be performed anywhere, be it indoors or outside.

Many types are candles are readily available for you to purchase in any city or town, but if you'd prefer to a deeper connection to the rituals, Candle Magic For Beginners details how you can make your own. This means that there is a fairly low cost-barrier associated with practicing this art.

The author has written over fifty books from the popular Llewellyn Publications, including Palm Reading For Beginners.

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