Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Expanded & Revised Edition

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Full of lessons on how to use talismans, magic spell, and rituals, the Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs includes pictures and uses for over 400 different herbs.

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Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs Details

The Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs is another useful guide brought to you by the famous Wiccan Scholar Scott Cunningham. Have you ever hoped that you would meet that special someone? Are you having money problems? Find the cure for these simple ailments and much more in this vast encyclopedia filled with different classifications of herbs, magic, spells, and talismans and instructions on how to use them.

This terrific guide includes an index of over 400 herbs and even has a quick reference guide to help you along the way. Whether you are new to Wicca or you are a seasoned veteran, this guide is a must have for the practicing ordained minister looking to expand their skills and learn more about what mother Earth has to offer.

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