Complete Book of Witchcraft

The Classic Course in Wicca for 25 Years

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Raymond Buckland has done an amazing job in writing what is considered by some to be the most complete guide to self studying witchcraft and spellwork.

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The Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft has everything that you would need from spells to definitions. Buckland studied under Gerald Gardener, the founder of modern Wicca, and is famously considered to be the first person to bring Wicca to the USA in its current form.

With a heavy emphasis on self-study, the Complete Book of Witchcraft is the ultimate guide to help ordained ministers who want to either learn more about wicca or advance in their wicca studies get to the next step. This guide is a must have whether you are new to wicca or a Master of it and is the perfect aid to have at your side.

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