Reiki for Beginners

Mastering Natural Healing Techniques

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The ultimate introduction to hands-on healing, Reiki for Beginners helps new ministers who have an interest in the ancient chinese practice of relieving stress.

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Reiki for Beginners Details

Reiki is the study of hands-on holistic healing. In Reiki for beginners, Author David Vennells takes ordained ministers through the basics of what it is to be a practicing Reiki spiritual healer. Ministers are not only able to help others deal with mental and physical stress, they are able to take the practical use and apply it to spiritual use as well. Through Reiki for Beginners, ordained ministers can:

  • Develop compassion and wisdom
  • Resolve relationship issues at work or home
  • Heal plants and animals
  • Complement and strengthen other therapies
  • Be blessed, guided, and protected
  • And so much more healing techniques!

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