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What to Do if You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence

April 15th, 2016

Being in an abusive relationship is incredibly difficult. It can seem impossible to get out, and you have likely been threatened if you try to leave the situation. You might be worried about your life, and if you have children, … Continue reading


Study Shows Women More Religious Than Men

April 6th, 2016

A recent study has shown that women are generally more religious than men. The study, conducted by the Pew Research Center, looked at several different aspects of religion and spirituality. It also looked at separate religions, and the results varied … Continue reading


Should Breastfeeding Be Allowed in Public?

April 1st, 2016

Parents often receive an incredible amount of judgement and opinion when trying to raise their children. Even seemingly simple decisions are often met with unsolicited advice or head shaking from those who think they know better. It can make parenting … Continue reading


Six Ways to Deal With Your Anger

March 18th, 2016

All of us deal with anger from time to time, and rightfully so. Anger is a natural emotion, and it’s perfectly okay to get angry every once in a while. There is such a thing as too much anger, though. … Continue reading


Does Bachelor Ben Higgins’ Religion Conflict With the Show?

March 5th, 2016

Many people love the show The Bachelor. It is one of the longest running reality shows on television, and it follows the story of a male attempting to find love by choosing one of the selected females. It first aired … Continue reading


Does Return of Kings Believe Rape Should Be Made Legal?

February 12th, 2016

It sounds almost unbelievable, but it’s true. There is a group whose members the media says believe rape should be made legal. This group is led by a blogger named Roosh Valizadeh. He had set up a worldwide meetup for … Continue reading


Waitress Confuses Religious Pamphlet for Generous Tip

January 29th, 2016

A North Carolina waitress was excited when she saw what looked like a $20 bill on the table she had just served at the diner where she worked. However, the excitement quickly turned to disappointment when she discovered it was … Continue reading


Five Common Christmas Traditions Explained

December 18th, 2015

Christmas is a time full of different traditions that have been a part of many of our lives for as long as we can remember. Some of them are traditions within our families, while others are traditions observed by the … Continue reading


Questions Still Remain About Two Terrorists in California Attack

December 17th, 2015

More details are beginning to emerge about the two killers in the California terrorist attack, yet there are many questions that have yet to be answered. On December 2nd, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married couple, opened fire at … Continue reading


Volunteering Opportunities for the Christmas Season

December 11th, 2015

It’s the season of giving, so many look for ways to give to those in need. Whether it’s by donating money, items, or time, there are many things you can do to bless others during the holiday season. Sure, volunteering … Continue reading