The hundreds of thousands of Universal Life Church Ministries ministers do more than officiate wedding ceremonies; many are called to the ULC‚ to help others.

ULC Monastery Ministers Become Ordained Online to do more than Perform WeddingsWhile some people get ordained online through the Universal Life Church Ministries merely to be legally able to officiate wedding ceremonies, thousands of the Ministries's other ministers see their ordinations as an opportunity to do something more. The ULC Ministries actively encourages those it ordains to pursue ministerial work in their day-to-day lives to both improve their community and put their religious beliefs into practice.

Reverend J.W. Stansell is a textbook example of how a person can use an ordination received from an online ministry to do work traditionally associated with conventional religious organizations. Stansell sees his religious affiliation with the Ministries as a way to perform important community service work.

"My favorite part of being an ordained minister is helping people," Stansell said. "Whether it be helping to feed the hungry or helping someone through counseling, helping people is my favorite part of ministry work."

Spiritual counseling, arguably one of the most important tasks performed by traditional clergy, is a common practice amongst ULC Ministries ministers. From helping people find their faith to guiding others through their spiritual journey, ULC Ministries ministers have provided intimate and life-changing counseling services to others.

Reverend Carl Smith appreciates the way in which the online ordination he received from the ULC Ministries allows him to do just this.

"[It is important to be] able to help others with their faith," Smith said. "I personally believe that all of us who serve God - as priests, reverends or whatever you choose to call us - do so with the willing and open regard for life and love."

Reverend Randy Green, a ULC Ministries minister with a storied Catholic background, chooses to provide a leadership role when he counsels others.

"[My prerogative as] a minister is first and foremost leading others to Christ [and] serving others in their time of need," Green said.

Green added that he recognizes the need for counseling as a means for personal religious growth and sees the corps of ULC Ministries ministers, like himself, as a group of people who are readily able to provide this integral service.

While many people assume that online ministries like the Universal Life Church Ministries perform few - if any - actual services for the communities inhabited by their ministers, many of the people affiliated with the Ministries actively pursue church projects in their area. If you or someone you know has searched for a way to become involved in good works through a church but do not know where to begin, please consider becoming an pastor through . Fellow ministers like Rev. Stansell and Rev. Smith would be delighted to help you become your community's finest public servant once you become ordained.

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