tropical wedding vows and ringMinisters in the Universal Life Church will often be asked to participate in wedding planning as well as perform the ceremony itself. Writing vows can be tricky for some folks; while it may take some time for inspiration to strike, writing vows that are personally meaningful for you as a couple can make the wedding that much more special.

You may feel like you need a formal tone and flowery language to fit into a wedding ceremony. While formality is fine if you want it, many couples prefer something a little more comfortable. Think of what you want to say to your spouse and how you would naturally say it. Letting your true personality and feelings shine through will make your vows more special than fancy words ever could. Think about what best defines you as a couple. Are you serious, romantic, or funny? Maybe a little bit of all three? A little light humor in your vows can help make the moment less tense while still keeping it sweet and personal.

Classics and Anecdotes

If you're having a hard time getting started, take some time to look at classic and more modern vows that other couples have used. This can serve as a jumping off point and give you ideas about what you might like to include. You can also draw from books and poetry that you find inspiring, or even perform a wedding with some quotes. While you may want to avoid long, drawn out stories, a short nod to experiences you have had together as a couple can be sweet and personal. Your significant other may even appreciate a small inside joke, although you should keep these relatively short for the family who may not be in on it.

Answer Some Basic Questions

If you still feel at a loss, just try to answer some basic questions. For starters, what is it that you love about your significant other? Is it his winning smile, her caring spirit, or the way he always make you laugh? Next, think about what most excites you about this new chapter in life together. Is it going on adventures together, starting a family, or just having someone to talk to at the end of the day? Finally, think about what you want to do for your spouse. This can be sweeping promises, like remaining faithful through good times and bad, or small and specific, like doing the dishes or not going to bed angry. Answering these three questions can give you sweet and personal vows.

However you say your vows with the Universal Life Church, make sure they are meaningful to you and your significant other. While there may be other people in the room, that day you should only have eyes for each other.

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