An aging woman touching her chinAging is rarely celebrated in today’s culture. There are a lot of problems related to aging. Healthcare costs get higher. Medicare may pick up some medical costs, but many seniors still pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to doctors and hospitals every year. Long term care is not covered by Medicare.

Seniors can be isolated and lonely. Their friends die. Families move away. They retire from jobs, which causes them to lose a circle of friends that help keep them young. Seniors are often less financially secure than they were when they had a full-time job. Elder abuse is a risk, as they lose their faculties and have to rely on others to manage their money, care, and activities.

It’s hard to imagine that there are benefits to aging after hearing about the problems. But there are some things that come with age that you just don’t get when you’re younger. Proverbs 16:31 says that “gray hair is a crown of glory.” Job 12:12 tells us, “Wisdom is with the aged.” Don’t stress about getting older. Remember these benefits of aging.

Wisdom Comes With Aging

As you get older, you have more experiences and opportunities behind you that offer great wisdom. You can take advantage of new opportunities that you couldn’t when you had little children and a career. You have truly “been there, done that.” Even though your children and grandchildren might not appreciate that knowledge, you can certainly share your experience with others to help them learn empathy and find ways to resolve conflict.

You Have a Better Understanding of Your Priorities

People who are young tend to rush through time. When you’re 5, you can’t wait to be 6. When you turn 16, you start thinking about your 18th or 21st birthday before you’ve even experienced one day at your new age. When you’re older, you have a better handle on how to spend your time. You may procrastinate less. Seniors don’t take as many things for granted. You might let go of what’s trivial and focus on what matters most to you.

Seniors Get New Roles in Life

Proverbs 17:6 explains this well: “Grandchildren are the crown of the aged.” Your relationship with your children changes from that of a parent to a consultant. You get to play with grandchildren in ways that you never could with your own kids because there’s a different layer of responsibility. Many seniors take on mentoring roles in the community, passing on wisdom to the next generation. These new roles can help you enjoy life in a new way.

Retirement Gives You More Time

Even though the retirement age is on the rise, many seniors do slow down once they hit their golden years. You should have more time to enjoy life and create relationships. Many seniors take time to be creative in ways they never could when they were younger and had to focus on their careers and families. Because you have a better understanding of your priorities, you can put that additional time to good use because you’ll be participating in things that matter to you.

You Learn to Be Content

Through aging, you learn to be yourself. You know what matters most to you. You’re no longer seeking the approval of others. You’re simply able to live in your own skin. Contentment doesn’t feel so fleeting. Maybe that’s why you can wear the same sweater every day without worrying that someone will say something. Contentment makes life easier.

Rethink Your Notions About Age

No matter where you are in life, maybe it’s time to consider what seniors have to offer. Don’t fear getting older. You can have abundant life, regardless of your age.

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