How to Tell if You Should Be a Minister

Be a minister with the Universal Life Church

People find fulfillment in a variety of ways. Some people pursue wealth and material possessions and only feel satisfied when they are spending money or have nice things. Others fanatically pursue a passion to the umpteenth degree in order to be happy; America is filled with sports fans who obsess over their favorite teams for months at a time and become irrationally happy/sad win they win/lose.

The class of people who are meant to be ministers are fulfilled in entirely different ways. They find joy in being compassionate for those who are less fortunate than themselves, providing spiritual counseling and leadership for their communities, and living upstanding lives. If you possess these traits, you may want to be a minister.

Please keep in mind that it can be prohibitively difficult to be a minister. Disregarding the stringent requirements and expensive tuition that many seminaries have, there are significant spiritual, emotional, and time costs associated with being a minister that no one should ignore. For example, if you have a full schedule or are terrified of public speaking, you are definitely not meant to be a minister; ordained ministers need to have free time and public speaking skills in order to adequately perform ministerial services.

Why You Should Perform Weddings If You Want to Be a Minister

Get ordained by the Universal Life Church to perform a wedding

Any happily-married couple can tell you that their memories of their wedding day are some of their fondest. These couples are able to recount minute details of their wedding, including things like the colors of the flowers that adorned the altar, how good or bad the weather was, and the jokes made during their guests' toasts. If nothing else, the couple is sure to remember the joy and affection for their spouse that they felt throughout their wedding day.

The happy memories that stem from beautiful weddings are largely facilitated by the talented wedding officiants who preside over them. It is the wedding officiant's responsibility to ensure that the wedding flows smoothly, that the couple's personalities and interests are incorporated into the ceremony, and that moving passages about love, loyalty, and the sanctity of marriage are read (among many other important tasks). A best wedding officiants are able to make the couple and their guests laugh at their jokes, bring them to tears with the beauty of their words, and describe the nature of the couple's loving relationship in ways that match their personalities.

If making happy wedding day memories by solemnizing the marriages of friends, family, and even complete strangers sounds appealing to you, we strongly encourage you to be a minister. Binding loving couples in matrimony is an immensely rewarding experience for any wedding officiant, so you are sure to enjoy it if you choose to become a minister.

Be a Minister through the Universal Life Church

Not yet a minister? Not a problem!

Anyone from anywhere in the world can get ordained online through the Universal Life Church Ministries in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is enter your full legal name, mailing address, email address, and a password into a form on their website; you will receive a confirmation of your online ordination within seconds of submitting your information. Another bonus of this process is that it costs absolutely nothing to get ordained by the ULC; their online ordination is completely free and never has any renewal fees. This simple process is all it takes to be a minister - and have all the legal privileges possessed by them - in 48 U.S. states!

Does the short length of time it takes to get ordained by the Universal Life Church compromise the quality of their ordination? Absolutely not! Despite what many naysayers would have you think, people who get ordained through the ULC are able to perform ministerial services like weddings, baptisms, funerals, and chaplain work with an incredible amount of skill.

The Universal Life Church doesn't force its ministers to undergo years of religious schooling - in addition to forking over tens of thousands of dollars in tuition costs - before they are granted an ordination as refraining from doing so does not prevent ULC ministers from performing beautiful wedding ceremonies. Someone who only wants to perform weddings or other relatively simple ministerial services should not need to get ordained in the conventional way and thereby waste their time and money; the ULC is proud to provide the quick and free online ordination that this kind of person really needs.

If you would like to be a minister or want to perform a wedding, do not hesitate to get ordained online with the Universal Life Church. If nothing else, it is a quick and easy thing to do that provides a wide range of legal privileges that wouldn't otherwise be available to you.

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