The benefits of becoming an ordained ministerMany people have a hard time believing that ordination through the Universal Life Church is legitimate, but it's true. Ministers of the ULC are real ministers. The ULC is a real church, with a charter, doctrine of beliefs, a sanctuary, a rectory and a filing with the state of Washington that recognizes our nonprofit status. But does that make a church?

We don't believe that a church is simply a bunch of legal documents and buildings. The ULC donates to charities, gives alms to the poor and the oppressed, and discusses world religions. Our ministers have opportunities to receive training to support their ministries. Some ULC ministers start their own congregations and bless water for use in spiritual rites.

Why Should You Become Ordained?

Here are nine reasons:

  1. Probably the number one reason people get ordained is to perform a wedding for a friend or family member, but once you are an ordained ULC Minister, you can continue as a wedding officiant for anyone you want.
  2. It costs nothing to become ordained online. You may need to provide ministerial documentation to your county clerk, but these documents are easily purchased through our store.
  3. The ULC ordination is recognized as a ministry in 48 of the states in the U.S. You have the same standing as a minster of conventional churches. Two states, Virginia and Pennsylvania, may not recognize your ordination. It's up to each county clerk to decide to accept the ordination, and many do.
  4. Perform chaplain work in hospitals and prisons. There is a huge need for spiritual ministers in hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. Your ULC ordination opens that door for you.
  5. You can officiate at a funeral or memorial. One of the most solemn ministries is that of committing a person to the earth at their death. As a ULC minister, you can be part of the funeral.
  6. You can baptize friends, family and their children when you are ordained as a ULC minister. New parents often want to recognize the spiritual foundation of their child, but don't want the child inducted into any particular religion. As a ULC minister, you can perform the ceremony they want and make it meaningful in that instance.
  7. As a ULC minister, you are free to practice your religious beliefs. We live by the mantra, "We are all children of the same universe." You do not have to adhere to any practices or rituals to be a ULC minister.
  8. You develop your own spirituality as a ULC minister. When you talk about your beliefs with others, you learn more about yourself and what you believe. Preaching to others is another way to increase your own spiritual life.
  9. It is fun to perform weddings and baptisms. Being part of the celebrations of life and even death are very rewarding. For some ULC ministers, officiating is a hobby on the weekends, but for others, it becomes a full-time career.

We're Here for You

The Universal Life Church ordains more than 400 ministers each day. It's extremely easy to become ordained online. You need to enter your full legal name, a mailing address, an email and a password. Although young people can be ordained through our church, generally, most states require a person to be 18 or older to perform a marriage ceremony.

Even with all this information, some people still think that ULC ordination is a fake or scam. These accusations are completely false. Our ministers are even recognized in other countries, although sometimes there are legal hoops that must be jumped through in order to perform a ceremony. Our team is here to help when that happens. You are not alone as a ULC minister.

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