Pendulum Board

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Practitioners of witchcraft can use this pendulum board to hone their skills as they contact other realms in search of answers to important questions.

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Have burning questions you need answered? Want to get in touch with the spiritual realm? This Pendulum Board is perfect for pursuing your skills in the art of divination, the practice of searching for knowledge of the unknown by tapping into supernatural forces.

Harness the power of the divine to explore what the future might hold and find answers to key questions you want to ask.

Hold a pendulum suspended above the board, and let each swing match with markings on the board and guide you toward the answers you seek.

The wooden pendulum board measures roughly 10 inches across, but is light and durable, making it easy to take on the go. A pendulum is not included with the board (although you can consider making your own at home by tying a piece of string around any small weighty object!).

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