Nevada Permanent Wedding Set

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Nevada hosts thousands of weddings yearly. Our Nevada Wedding Officiant Set contains everything a minister needs in order to perform a wedding in Nevada.

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Nevada Permanent Wedding Set Details

While the legal requirements in order to perform a marriage in Nevada are more strict than many other places, Nevada does recognize weddings performed by ordained ULC ministers who use our Nevada Wedding Officiant Set in order to apply. This package includes: an official signed and stamped ordination credential, a notarized letter of good standing / letter of consent (Las Vegas), and an affidavit of authority to solemnize marriage.

Please be advised that Nevada requires a minimum of 30 days to process your wedding officiant set. If your wedding is occurring in less than 30 days, you will be unable to officiate. Nevada Package must be ordered within 90 days of the wedding or it will not be accepted. Also, make sure that your full name is spelled correctly and your ordination date is accurate. We cannot ship these to PO Boxes, so a physical address is required.

This particular package is only available to Nevada residents who are planning on performing more than 5 weddings. You must be a Nevada resident with a valid Nevada address to choose this option and you must register in the county where you reside.

Clark County Only - The ULC offers this package for Clark County ministers to use for ministerial purposes only, and the minister will need to complete a separate registration process using the county's application. The county application paperwork is included with this package, but no affidavit of authority is required. Clark County ministers may also be required to complete an online course and pay an additional fee when registering.

For residents of all other states or if you plan on performing fewer than 5 weddings, you may order instead of this package the Nevada Temporary Wedding Set, in which you will receive a temporary Affidavit of Authority to Solemnize Marriage. While this affidavit will allow you to perform up to 5 weddings, be advised that you will need to get a separate authorization from the office of the county clerk for each wedding.


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  • Please verify the spelling of your name as it will appear on your official documents.
  • Please enter your physical address on the Nevada documents. NO P.O. Boxes.

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