Starting and Building a Nonprofit

9th Edition

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For those ministers wishing to start their own congregations with their new ordinations, Starting and Building a Nonprofit is a practical guide is a must have.

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Although it is very common for ordained ministers to want to perform wedding ceremonies and funerals, there are those who wish to take this opportunity to the next level. Since the ULC has been ordaining people to perform wedding ceremonies, there has been an increased interest in ministers such as yourself planning to start a non-profit. Before you can start a new non-profit, there are many things that need to be done. This edition of Starting and Building a Nonprofit practical guide is the perfect book to have at your side. This must-have guide goes over some of the crucial elements to starting your own organization. Elements such as:

  • Raising money such as traditional methods and crowdfunding
  • Building a website
  • Marketing your organization
  • Adopting policies that are legally sound
  • Developing a strategic plan and budgeting
  • And much more.

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