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For those ministers who are focusing more on the wiccan and pagan aspect of religion, the Handfasting book offers 16 examples of various handfasting scripts.

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Handfasting ceremonies have made a huge surge in recent years. Authors Tannin Schwartzstein and Raven Kaldera are here to help those ordained ministers wishing to learn more about handfasting or learn to have a more efficient handfasting ceremony achieve just that. Handfasting is filled with everything that one would need in order to have the perfect handfasting ceremony to help the wedding go off without a hitch. Filled with definitions, example ceremonies, and diagrams to help you along the way. The ceremonies included can either be performed as is or they can be modified to add your own personal flare to your ceremony. Handfasting is really a must have for ministers wishing to perform the perfect handfasting ceremony.

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