Multicolor Minister Stole

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You can adorn yourself with this vibrant multicolored minister stole draped over your robe, clergy shirt, or formal outfit as an expression of faith and hope.

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Multicolor Minister Stole Details

This is a special official stole made just for ministers ordained by the Universal Life Church. This beautiful design is made with reinforced gold stitching and high-quality tassels. The crest of the ULC with laurel leaves is featured prominently, with the Alpha and Omega signs symbolizing the metaphysical scope of your faith and ministry.

This unique pattern features rainbow stripes. These can take on several meanings; one of the most prominent being God's covenant for all generations that the rains would never flood all the land again. This was a sign given to Noah after the great flood in the Biblical book of Genesis, along with a dove carrying a small olive branch similar to the laurels found on the ULC crest on this beautiful garment.

Having just survived judgment and deemed righteous, Noah and his family exited a great ship called the Ark. They were charged with preserving two of every living creature so life could continue on after the catastrophic event. This provided a foundation of faith that has lasted to this day.

Wearing this stole, you can champion hope and renewal, stand up for faith, and imbue a sense of joyful celebration just like the Noah story. On their own, these colors also carry liturgical significance in the church and often are associated with the following:

White - rebirth. Just like after the cleansing flood, white can symbolize a fresh start. Red - passion. The inner fire that burns within a minister. Orange - joy. Like the warmth of the sun after a dark time. Yellow - happiness. A bright light in the lives of others. Green - nature. Green evokes growth and harmony. Blue - order. Blue is often associated with the law in Judeo-Christian culture. Purple - spirit. The rich color commonly worn by royalty befitting of a righteous soul.

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