Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic

Cunningham's Encyclopedia

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This guidebook written by Scott Cunningham has everything that a practicing new age healer would need in order to practice magic revolving around crystals.

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Written by Raymond Buckland, the Complete Book of Witchcraft is a must have for ordained minister's wishing to weather learn about or start practicing wicca. Buckland studied under Gerald Gardener, the founder of modern Wicca. From these teachings, Buckland was able to piece together this guide which is still currently used as a textbook in the practicing Wicca community.

This self-study guide is aimed at ministers who prefer to work at their own pace while also including the complexity of the wiccan tradition which has evolved from the times of old. It contains reference information, exercises, and study material for either group or solitary practitioners. Filled with illustrations, this practical guide is something that would certainly benefit any minister wishing to go down this path.

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