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The Official ULC End of Life As We Know It Rapture Dinner PartyLet's face it folks, your last meal should be a great one, offering your guests comfort but with enough razzle dazzle that they'll remember it till the end of their days. We're going with a Surf & Turf combo here because enough will not be enough when it comes to the rapture! So we're going to start you off with some appetizers...

  1. Vienna Sausages. You cannot have a successful gala bash without the cocktail sausages. You'll also need some dipping sauce so get yourself some BBQ sauce and mix with some mayonnaise.
  2. Sloppy Joe fried dumplings. The perfect finger food? Quite possibly! Serve up with a melted cheddar cheese and jalapeno dip! Perfect comfort food for the end of the world.

So now you need some tasty beverages to serve up with your apps so here's what we recommend to have on hand:

BEER: Pabst Blue Ribbon or Heineken... keep it refreshing for this opening salvo!

WINE: ULC Ministries Chardonnay . Refreshing and blessed.

COCKTAIL: A classic Cosmopolitan, c'mon! At this point even the guys can drink a pink cocktail. After all who's going to judge you?


  1. Fish and Chips! Make sure you have the coarse sea salt and malt vinegar on hand.
  2. Broiled Lobster tail w/black and red caviar cream sauce and morel mushrooms

Serve both of these dishes up with a big pile of butter poached green beans and white rice pilaf.

BEER: Pilsner Urquel (the oldest brewery in the world which kind of goes nicely hand in hand with the end of the world) or a hard pear cider.

WINE: ULC Ministries Sacramental Riesling or Sacramental Pinot Gris are both excellent choices here

COCKTAIL: That's an easy one: a perfect pint-sized Gin and Tonic, or you could go with this unique blend we're calling the rapture rupture: Blood Orange Spritzer: orange juice, chambourd, soda water and Orange Absolut Vodka.

On to the TURF course:

Ribeye Steaks on the BBQ! Keep it simple, who doesn't want a big juicy, salt and pepper smokey steak before going to meet your maker? As for you vegans out there, just think: in a few short hours there is nothing to hold sacred anymore anyway so go on, have a steak...you know you want to! Serve with creamed mashed potatoes and the biggest pot of BBQ beans you can cook.

BEER: Guinness is the choice here but if you want to stay domestic, grab a keg of Anchor Steam Porter.

WINE: ULC Ministries Merlot or Cabernet.

COCKTAIL: You have two choices here: Manhattans or Old Fashions. Both bourbon-based drinks which will ensure your party keeps flowing in the right direction.

DESSERT: As the end draws near you really don't want too much more, so only one dessert is needed. Since dessert is a personal choice, we will leave it to you but recommend that you make it memorable. So enjoy your last meal and may your trip to heaven be one to remember forever.

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