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All of us deal with anger from time to time, and rightfully so. Anger is a natural emotion, and it's perfectly okay to get angry every once in a while. There is such a thing as too much anger, though. What happens when nearly everything makes you angry and it starts affecting your relationships? That means it is time to put your anger in check. It may seem impossible, but there are things you can do to better control your anger.

Use a Filter

One of the hardest things to do when you are angry is to think before you speak. However, saying whatever you want whenever you want can lead to saying things you don't really mean, which can cause serious issues in your relationships. Before you speak, think about whether or not it's something you should say out loud. Counting to ten can be helpful. Using a filter can help prevent you from saying something that can seriously hurt someone. It may be hard at first, but the more you practice, the easier it will become.

Leave the Situation

We have all had moments where it felt like we were going to burst. Anger can do that, especially during an argument or fight. If this is happening to you, then you need to step away from the situation. Leave the room and take some deep breaths. The person you are arguing with should probably do the same if things have gotten that heated. This can help you collect yourself, think more clearly, and have better luck coming to a resolution without a situation that continues to escalate.

Find an Accountability Partner

Sometimes, it can be helpful to have someone who keeps us in check. This may be a friend, someone you know from church, or a mentor. This should be a person you can call or text whenever you are starting to get angry. This person will be a good gauge of whether or not your anger is improving. Calling your accountability partner can help in several ways:

Taking the time to text or call gives you a minute to calm down. Venting can also release a lot of anger you may be feeling. Your partner can pray with you or give you advice on how to approach the situation.

This can be very helpful, especially in the early stages of getting your anger under control.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is good for us in so many ways. You probably are aware of the physical benefits. However, it can also offer mental benefits. Many people find that exercising is a great way for them to let out pent up stress, frustration, or anger. Try to make it a habit to exercise regularly and you may notice yourself feeling less angry as time goes on.

Word Your Statements Carefully

When you get angry, it can be easy to point fingers or blame other people for how you are feeling. However, this often just makes things worse. Try starting your sentence with "I felt" and see how that works for you. When you do this, what started as accusations turns into simply expressing your feelings. It may also help you realize that someone may have made you feel a certain way, but that doesn't mean he or she was in the wrong or was trying to hurt you.

Seek Professional Help

There comes a time when professional help is needed. Don't be ashamed to visit with a professional to see what your options are for handling anger. It's actually quite admirable for someone to admit they need help, instead of tearing apart relationships because he or she cannot bring him or herself to ask for help.

Dealing with anger can be hard. Over time, it can get out of control and start messing up relationships. Hopefully, implementing some of these strategies can help.

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