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A leader has many positive qualities.When you think of great leaders, a few people may come to your mind. You may think of someone who changed the world, people in your church, or members of your family. Leaders are people who are able to take charge and make decisions, even when things are difficult. You may have wondered if this is a position meant for you. If you have a desire to be a leader, then here are some signs it may be the right job for you.

You Have Good Character

Most leaders have good character and qualities. This might include certain attributes:

Honesty Bravery Patience Kindness

Honestly, there are many different character qualities that go into a good leader, and you may or may not possess all of them. If you have good intentions and positive character qualities, then you may make a great leader.

You Are Encouraging

It's important to be able to lift other people up. When people get discouraged, are you able to encourage them and make them feel better? This is an ability many leaders need to have. Things can seem tough and impossible at times, and it is up to those who are leading to encourage others to keep trying.

You Are Humble

Whether you are looking to be a leader at work, church, or within your family, you need to be able to recognize when you need some help. This requires being humble and not putting all of your faith in your individual abilities. You shouldn't be afraid to designate assignments to other people. Being a leader does not mean you take care of everything all the time. Instead, it means you are able to give people assignments that are well suited for them so that the job can get done quickly and properly.

You Are Approachable

When you think of some of the greater leaders of our time, you may become intimidated at the thought of meeting them. However, many who have met the leaders and spoken with them will tell you that most of the time, they are approachable and friendly. People should not fear their leaders. People who use intimidation and threats to get others to do what they want are not going to be seen as approachable. Leaders should be able to be trusted and easy to talk to.

You Are a Goal Setter

When you have a large project set in front of you, it's best to break it down into smaller goals. This helps keep you motivated, encouraged, and productive. It also helps you see the progress so you can determine how quickly the job is going to be done. Being able to break down an overwhelming task into smaller goals when working with others means others will likely feel less intimidated by the task, which can make them work harder and accomplish things more quickly.

Nothing Is Too Menial for You

Think about some of your previous jobs. Let's say you worked in the fast food industry. When you were experiencing a rush, did the owner or manager step in and start grilling burgers, or did he or she simply tell you and your coworkers you needed to work faster? Someone who is willing to step in and do the grunt work when necessary is showing signs of being a great leader. No assignment or work should be beneath you. It's important to recognize that being a leader doesn't mean you are more important than anyone else.

Of course, there is a lot that goes into being a leader. Some are born ready to be leaders, while others move into a leadership position over time. If it is your goal to be a leader, then look at these qualities to see if they are something you possess.

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