So you want to become a legally ordained minister, perhaps with the Universal Life Church. Read below to find out what it means to be a minister, and how you can become one.

What It Means To Be A Minister

A ULC minister preaching at twilight
One of the primary responsibilities of ULC ministers are to perform wedding ceremonies.

Regardless of faith, sect or denomination, a minister is generally a person who is recognized as both a spiritual leader and a leader within the community. Ministers are usually found performing religious ceremonies (like weddings), leading worship services, providing spiritual guidance, leading others in their spiritual growth and assisting in the interpretation of any scriptures a particular faith might have. Ministers also serve certain roles outside of their places of worship, including as military or prison chaplains.

The path to becoming a minister differs based on what faith a minister plans to serve within, and different places of worship and religious groups have varying standards. For example, an aspiring minister in the Catholic faith generally attains the title by attending a graduate program which focuses on theology and then serves as a leader in a church. From there, the individual may go on to become ordained, at which point in time they are considered to hold the title of "minister."

Get Ordained Online Through The ULC

Individuals who wish to become a minister also take advantage of new technologies, such as the Internet, to reach their goal. Virtually anyone can get ordained online through the Universal Life Church, and this ordination is recognized almost everywhere, including in 47 US states. When you choose to get ordained online, your name is recorded in the church's ordination database and you are recognized as an official minister. The Universal Life Church also offers those who have become ministers through its site the chance to have copies of their ordination credential certificates and other types of ministerial documentation sent to them through the mail.

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Even ULC ministers, who become ordained online, have people who look to them for spiritual counseling and guidance.

The great things about choosing to be ordained online are that it is fast, efficient, legally-recognized (in the vast majority of cases) and best of all, it is free. As an ordained minister, you can also offer others your services as a spiritual leader in your community. Once ordained, you can officiate weddings for friends and family members and perform other spiritual rituals and traditions. It's important to keep in mind that even with an online ordination, it's still important to take your position seriously. An online ordination carries with it all of the responsibilities that are integrated with other ordination processes, and as a minister, you are expected to perform your duties with respect to yourself, others and your community.

Ministers of all faiths are looked upon for guidance during difficult times, and you must be ready to take on the challenge of helping others. When you choose to be a minister, you are choosing to take on a task that many people are unable to do - you are taking on the task of being a leader and guidance counselor, both within your faith community and outside of it.

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