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A foolish woman who didn't take her rings off before gardeningIf you’re an engaged or married woman, especially one newly engaged or married, your heart likely leaps every time you look down and see your sparkly ring(s) on your left hand. Not only are they beautiful, but they also symbolize the love that exists between you and your betrothed or spouse. Consequently, you likely never want to take them off.

There are times, however, when you should take off your rings for their own protection. Here are the top eight of them.

1. When You Swim

Whether you swim in an ocean, lake, or pool, your best strategy is to leave your rings locked up at home or some other safe place. Why? Because water, especially cold water, can make your fingers shrink temporarily and sunscreen can make them temporarily slippery. Either way, you stand a good chance of your rings coming off and getting lost in the water or sand. Plus, salt and chemicals can discolor and otherwise damage both the stones and the metals. In addition, there’s a safety factor involved: Any stones in your rings could become caught in a pool’s underwater outflow mechanism, presenting a very real threat of your drowning.

2. When You Wash Dishes

When you wash dishes by hand, the last thing you need is for a ring to slip off and go down the drain, especially by way of the garbage disposal. It’s far better to take them off first. Don’t just leave them sitting on the drainboard or counter where you could accidentally knock them into the sink — put them in a safe place reasonably far from your sink.

3. When You Do Housework

Cleaning, painting, moving furniture, gardening, etc., all involve ring accidents and damage waiting to happen. Take them off first.

4. When You Apply Makeup

Lotions and other beauty products not only make your hands temporarily slippery but also can build up on your rings over time. This could dull their finishes and possibly even dislodge the stones from their settings.

5. When You Have Your Rings Inspected

Depending on the stones your rings contain and the settings in which they’re mounted, it’s a good idea to take them to a jeweler at least annually for an inspection and, if necessary, a cleaning. In all likelihood, the store where your beloved bought them offers these services at a discount or possibly even for free.

6. When You Bake or Cook

Cooking is one of those situations where common sense needs to prevail. Whether or not you take your rings off while in the kitchen depends on what you’re doing there and how much contact your rings will have with the various foods and ingredients. The more contact, especially with greasy or oily substances, the more likely it is you should remove them before handling those particular things. Again, buildup can become an issue.

7. When You Work Out or Play Sports

Fast-paced games and workout routines obviously make you sweat, and the salt produced can damage and/or build up between your rings’ stones and their settings. Besides, your rings can easily get caught in sports equipment.

8. When You Must Have Surgery

If you must go into the hospital for a surgical procedure, leave your rings in a secure place at home. Anesthesia can lower your body temperature, causing your fingers to temporarily shrink and your rings to slide off. Also, unfortunately, don’t forget the chance that your rings could get stolen.

Your engagement and wedding rings represent not only the symbol of the love between you and your spouse but also likely the most expensive jewelry you own. Taking good care of them, including taking them off when necessary, will ensure that they’re just as beautiful for decades to come.

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