How to Marry People

How to Marry People

If you’re interested in learning how to marry people, you’ve come to the right place. Being part of a wedding ceremony is one of the greatest joys and privileges life has to offer. Few things compare to witness the joining of two souls in a binding union. Even more significant than just being present, though is actually performing the ceremony yourself and helping a couple join together in matrimony. Here is the process to follow if you plan on marrying a couple.

Get Ordained Online

The first step on the path to marrying a couple is to get ordained as a legal minister. There is no need to be affiliated with any specific religion to get ordained through the ULC, as we accept people of all belief systems. Unlike traditional paths to ordination, we don’t require you to spend years of study in seminary school to become qualified to marry people.

Research the Local Marriage Laws in the State

Next, you’ll need to learn about the wedding laws that govern marriage in your state. If you’re planning on officiating a ceremony outside of your home state, you must research the laws for that location. You’ll have to work with the couple to make sure the necessary ceremony components are included and any paperwork requirements met.

Create a Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Script

The final step before performing the wedding is to write a script for the ceremony that aligns with the wishes and values of the couple. It’s becoming increasingly common for couples to opt for customized services, and the Universal life Church offers considerable assistance to its ministers in that regard. Here on our website, you’ll find a wealth of resources and training materials to help make your officiating experience go smoothly.

Are you ready to get ordained as a legal minister and start marrying people?