The 100 Most Important Event

in Christian History

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The 100 Most Important Christian History is a unique recollection of Christianity, filled with many risks, challenges, and determination over the millennia.

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This book focuses on one hundred of the most important periods in the span of two thousand years of history. All fit into this one volume. Packed with scholarly accounts of each event, and detailed in an journalistic method, it reveals many of the important ideas, people, and events that formed what is now the modern day church.

A must-have addition for history buffs, pastors, teachers, and people interested in learning about the timeline and formation of the Christian church.

Each chapter dives into a specific year in chronological order, starting in 64 AD, and finishing in 1976 AD. You will find chapters like: Titus Destroys Jerusalem (70), Patrick Goes as Missionary to Ireland (432), and Pope Urban II Launches the First Crusade (1095)

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