Holy Bible NIV

New International Version

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Both the old and new testaments of the KJV bible can be found in this lightweight paperback bible. It is translated into the New international version.

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From Genesis to Revelations, the New International Version of the Holy Bible has it all. Translated into a language that is more easily understood by today's ministers and anyone that they are teaching. You can find both the old and New Testaments fully intact with the original teachings still available. This is really a good study book for conditioned preachers and pastors as well as for new students and kids wishing to learn more about christianity and the word of God as passed down from generation to generation. This bible even includes an "about the NIV" section in the back which includes how it was translated from the old language and even has some notes from the translators. This is a must have for ordained ministers wishing to follow the teachings of God and his son Jesus Christ.

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