Sun Signs & Past Lives

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Your sun sign of the zodiac holds the key to unlocking your past lives. Learn to recall them to better your life, productivity, relationships, and inner peace.

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Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac wheel has the potential to invoke memories from our past lives. Each sign represents a shared consciousness that is acted out over several reincarnations of the soul and helps us gain insight into our strengths and weaknesses as well as the best ways we can learn and grow. Sun Signs & Past Lives offers a customized and personal in-depth reading of these past lives. No specialized astrology concepts are needed to use this resource; just start with your date of birth and the mysteries will unfold.

We are all at least somewhat familiar with our own birthday horoscope and the twelve astrological symbols. This book takes a deeper look at these archetypes and how they manifest in our everyday lives for better or for worse. Learning about the zodiac elements of our sun signs helps us discover what negative tendencies we may exhibit, and how to use the power of free will to bend them into something positive.

Sun Signs & Past Lives starts off with a general introduction to the concepts used throughout the book. It then goes chapter by chapter through each of the astrological symbols, detailing common characteristics and how to employ them in the best possible way. It even goes as far as breaking down different groups for each horoscope symbol.

Author Bernie Ashman is a prolific author on the zodiac wheel and has been a guest on various television and radio shows. Here he shows the culmination of years of experience in a guide accessible to both novices and the experienced in astrological reading.

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