Ordination Set

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This is our most basic Ordination Set containing an official minister's license, wallet card credential, parking hanger, bumper stickers, clergy badge and more.

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If you are getting ordained specifically to perform a wedding, please select the location of the area in which the marriage license will be filed. If you don't plan on performing a wedding in the near future, just select the location where you live.

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  • Official Letter of Good Standing

    Official Letter of Good Standing
  • Official Certificate Holder

    Official Certificate Holder
  • Protective Wallet Card Sleeve

    Protective Wallet Card Sleeve
  • Premium Certificate Holder

    Premium Certificate Holder

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Ordination Set Details

One of most basic and popular packages for ministers, this package contains your legal ordination credentials of ministry (also known as a minister's license), wallet-sized credential card, as well as several other best selling items to identify yourself as a minister.

The Ordination Set Contains:

  • Credential of Ministry
  • Ordination Wallet License
  • Black and Gold clip on Clergy badge
  • Parking hanger
  • Vehicle Window Cling
  • Minister Parking Placard
  • Three styles of bumper sticker


  • Please enter your legal name only, all titles will be removed.
  • Please verify the spelling of your name as it will appear on your official documents.
  • If you are performing a wedding, you may be required to purchase a Official Letter of Good Standing as well.
  • Weddings in Nevada and New York City require a special state package, not this package.

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