Guide to Baptism

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This guide in a fantastic resource published by the ULC for its ministers. Learn how to plan a service and prepare participants, as well as conduct the service.

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Baptism ceremonies are a key part of being a minister. If someone requests you to perform a baptism and you are not sure how to conduct the ceremony, this simple guide will help walk you through the process. The Universal Life Church Guide to Baptisms contains the history of baptism, a clear overview of the various forms of baptisms, and a step-by-step map for the whole procedure, and comes with an example script in case you are unsure what to say. You will also find included in the booklet traditional instructions for making your own Holy Water.

Baptism is an important ceremony that marks a new beginning for a child. So we would like to make sure you are properly equipped with the tools necessary to have a wonderful baptism service.

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