Invoking the Egyptian Gods

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The ancient Egyptian gods hold power, strength, and insight. Discover the rites to call upon them in your time of need. Realize your connection to the divine.

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You are invited to undertake a transformation of the soul to awaken your own power, strength, and divinity. Invoking the Egyptian Gods can help you unlock your potential by combining elegant rites with a detailed history of Egyptian mythology to summon support and encouragement.

Learn how to call upon Sekhmet for protection or Isis for a boost in your love life. Each of the gods of Egypt can help you in their own unique way. This book is both practical and spiritual and can help not just a seasoned practitioner, but even a novice just starting out. These invocations and meditations are not merely empty verbalism, but real Egyptian magic.

In ancient Egypt, priests performed daily invocational rites to the gods morning, day, and night. In modern times we simply do not have the time to do this. Authors Judith Page and Ken Biles have developed rites that distill the essence of the rituals of the temples so we can we can benefit from a relationship from the gods while still maintaining our daily routine.

This book will help you realize your constant connection to the deities that we lose sight of in our daily lives. As Biles says, "When you invoke a god or goddess, you are invoking part of yourself. You are communicating with that part of you that is divine."

Judith Page is an expert in Egyptian pantheon and astronomy while Ken Biles is a writer and high priest in Witchcraft. He now teaches it to others both in person and online.

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