Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Book of Going Forth by Day

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The Egyptian Book of the Dead is filled with full color, detailed drawings of real Egyptian art from the walls in the Pyramids, with English translations.

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Egyptian Book of the Dead Details

This large paged book explores the stories of the dead around the time of the ancient Egyptians. This large book is filled with full color images redrawn to nearly exact replication to the original works of art found within the walls of the pyramids and other antient Egyptian structures. Along with these brilliant works of art are the scholarly interpretations, described in detail, by some of the leading historians for Egyptian culture. The five historians share stories of powerful Gods, many fascinating rituals, and common practices of the people of ancient Egypt.

Some chapters included are:

  • Coming Forth into the Day by J. Daniel Gunther
  • Introduction by Dr. Ogden Goelet
  • The Chapters Comprising the Theban Recension
  • A Glossary of Common Terms and Concepts

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