A cross necklace forming a question markPerhaps things aren't going quite like you want them to. Maybe you've hit a rough patch, dealt with some relationship issues, lost your job, or had some other things not go your way. When this happens, many people start to question their faith. A lot of people go through times when they question whether or not God is really there or if he really cares, so you aren't alone. It's not a fun place to be, but the feelings are usually only temporary. Here are some things you can do to help restore your positive thoughts about God when your faith is running low.

Get Some Perspective

No matter what you are going through, there is almost certainly someone in this world who has it worse than you do. Of course, that probably doesn't make you feel much better. What can help, though, is to find some perspective. Counting your blessings may help you realize your life isn't so bad after all. It can be difficult dealing with financial struggles or a health diagnosis that scares you. However, there are people who go through a lot more and still keep their faith in God. Visit a homeless shelter or volunteer in a soup kitchen. You will likely see these people and realize how good your life actually is.

Realize Life's Not Perfect

Believing in God does not guarantee your life is going to be easy. God never promised this life would be a cakewalk, so it's important to realize everyone is going to go through rough seasons. What's important is how you handle these harder times in life. Are you praying more than you ever have before? Are you looking for solutions that do not seem possible? Perhaps God is looking for you to have faith in him to help with whatever you are going through. Many people spend a lot more time talking to God when things aren't going great, so maybe now is a good time to start praying and see what happens.

Read Your Bible

Sometimes, all your faith needs is a little bit of Bible time. Open your Bible and read some of your favorite passages. You may notice there are people in the Bible who also doubt God. They may have doubted they were good enough to do the job God told them to do, and some doubted the existence of God altogether.

Get Your Questions Answered

Perhaps there are some things in the Bible you do not understand, or some aspects to your religion you aren't sure about. In this case, it's best to get your questions answered. One of the best people to answer these questions is your pastor. He or she can help figure out the answers to your tough questions. However, it's important to realize there are some things we are not meant to know. Only God knows everything, so you are probably always going to have some questions.

Give It Time

Some people have a hard time with their faith when they are waiting for a prayer to be answered. Maybe it's been weeks, months, or even years, and you still haven't heard anything. Try to give it a little more time. It can be hard when you just want an answer to your prayer, but God will answer you in the right time.

Experiencing doubt is no fun, but you aren't alone and there are plenty of things you can do to help. A few other things to do might include:

Meeting up with friends of the same faith Doing some research on topics you may be unsure about Reading a book on what to do when doubting your faith

These things may also help you restore your faith in God, or at least figure out what the root of your doubt is.

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