The sign of the cross is an integral part of Catholic and other liturgical traditions. It is performed by holding up the thumb or forefinger and tracing the shape of the cross in the air.

In a recent address, the Pope reflected on the sign of the cross and its ability to help Christ's followers experience the embrace of God. He alluded to several reasons why Catholics use this practice and how it might be helpful to others.

Mark of Prayer

From a practical standpoint, the sign of the cross is simply the way that church leaders indicate that they are praying in the name of God. It is performed at different points throughout each service and ceremony, but it is always meant to indicate a holy blessing over what is being prayed. For example, many priests and pastors use it when they pray for the absolution of sin for the entire congregation. It is a sign that their forgiveness is sealed not only with the church but in the mind of God.

Members of the congregation often perform the sign of the cross in response to corporate prayer and when praying on their own. This act of faith is an acceptance of whatever blessing is bestowed by the prayer in question. It signifies that the people praying believe God hears them and will answer.

Connection to Holy Trinity

At its core, the sign of the cross is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. While the cross itself is a reference to the death of Jesus, the other two persons of the Godhead are also at work in its use:

  • Father evokes familial images of a God who protects and watches over his followers. It is also a sign of authority.
  • Son refers to Jesus, the incarnation of God. This reference reminds believers that God is with and among them at all times.
  • Holy Spirit is the guiding work of God. This is the way followers communicate with the divine in prayer.

Any time they use the sign of the cross, whether in communal or private prayer, believers are reminded of God in the three persons they serve. While each part of the Trinity is associated with a certain aspect of God's nature, they are ultimately all the same being.

Acknowledgment of God's Love

Finally, the sign of the cross is a reminder that God's love is all-encompassing and eternal. The gesture is not forbidden to anyone, and thus everyone is invited to partake of the truth it signifies. It is meant to keep God's unconditional love for all of humanity in the minds and hearts of believers.

The pope's address focused on this aspect of the sign of the cross as he encouraged listeners to feel God's holy embrace whenever they encounter it. He went on to describe the proper response to such love. Believers are to be witnesses of God's relationship with humanity by showing love to others. He challenged listeners to examine how they do this in their everyday lives and in their communities, and he reiterated the importance of making sure the church is a place where all are welcome and accepted.

Making the sign of the cross is a small gesture, but it carries significant meaning. For Catholics and many other Christians in liturgical traditions, it is a reminder of God's forgiveness and acceptance. Even if you are not part of a church that regularly uses it during services, you can still perform the sign of the cross when you pray. Everyone is welcome to use this symbol of God's remarkable grace and love for all humanity.

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