Wedding Officiant Standing in a ChurchWhen arranging wedding plans, you likely are going to spend more time working out the details of the reception than the marriage ceremony. Typically, this is the part of the event that has a lot more to put together, from organizing vendors to picking the perfect tunes for toasts and special dances. However, this doesn’t mean the ceremony is without important choices. One of the bigger determinations is who will officiate the marriage. Though there are similarities between a pastor script and a priest wedding script, it can be a good idea to understand the key differences.

While it might not be the biggest obstacle you face along the way, selecting an officiant is still an important component of your wedding. Review the details of using a priest versus a pastor for your big day to gain more perspective on which option is best for you.

The Pastor

Christianity is loaded with imagery of sheep. In fact, one of the more famous quotes attributed to Jesus is found in verse John 10:11, where he states, “I am the good shepherd… [who] lays down his life for the sheep.” The word “pastor” derives from this side of the Christian faith, being connected to term “pasture,” which is the name for a piece of land used for sheep and other livestock to graze. The role of the pastor has always been connected to that of the shepherd, guiding the flock in the ways of Christ.

The main difference between a pastor and priest is denomination. Pastors are connected to Protestant or non-denominational churches, which means they are not typically beholden to the same strict rules as Catholics, Baptists, and other branches of Christianity. Therefore, the wedding pastor script is a bit more flexible. This officiant can take more liberties than a priest, which is ideal for couples who would prefer a customized ceremony that caters more to their interests than the rules of the Church.

The Priest

Priests are typically connected to Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and other denominations of Christianity. Theologists have stated that priests across all branches of Christianity have always received training with an in-depth focus on liturgical worship. This means that priests are more familiar with rituals and how to conduct these traditions in public displays. However, this also means that priests are more likely to follow the rules and stick with the script when the time comes to conduct a wedding. Though it will come down to your exact denomination, priests tend to be sticklers.

The average wedding priest script is a by-the-book text that follows the guidelines set forth by the ruling order of the Church. Roman Catholic priests conduct themselves in accordance with the regulations put forth by the pope. While you may find individual priests who are interested in making changes to their scripts to personalize your wedding experience, expect to meet resistance from most when the idea is suggested.

The Right Fit

To summarize the main differences between a priest and a pastor wedding ceremony script: Pastors offer more flexibility, and priests provide a traditional experience. Since most couples marry in a venue that represents the religion they follow, selecting a specific officiant will come down to who is available at your church of choice. However, deciding to marry outside of religious environments means you have more room to play. If the wedding preacher script leaves something to be desired, you can always ask a friend or family member to become an officiant and conduct the marriage for you.

While there are plenty of points to think about when it comes to picking a priest or pastor wedding script, you shouldn’t waste too much time on the decision. Familiarize yourself with the basics, weigh your options, and make a choice so that you can move on to more pressing wedding tasks.

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