Svenska ministrar - hej från den universella livet kyrkan!

Online Ministry Popularity Growing In SwedenSeveral months' worth of casual observation has led the Universal Life Church to notice that our free online ordination is becoming increasingly popular in Scandinavia, especially Sweden. As of this moment, not a day goes by when the ULC doesn't ordain a Swede, and our online ministry frequently do the same for Norwegians, Finns, and Danes.

While the Universal Life Church is certainly not new at ordaining ministers from outside the US, as many Canadians, British, Australians, and Germans have been coming to us to get ordained online for years, this is probably the first time in our history that Northern Europeans have flocked to our site in any significant numbers. The ULC Ministries is greatly excited by this development, as we enjoy being able to facilitate the legally-recognized performance of marriage ceremonies all over the world, and we hope that we can add Sweden to the list of countries that accepts our online ordination.

Ett meddelande för våra svenska ULC ministrar:

An unfortunate nature of the line of work online ministries like the Universal Life Church are in is that it is incredibly difficult to keep track of marriage laws in the US, much less the entire world. That being said, we are unsure about what privileges are extended to our ministers by the Swedish government (or the Norwegian, Finnish, and Danish governments, for that matter). The Universal Life Church Ministries would greatly appreciate it if our Swedish ministers would contact us at and tell our online ministry's staff what they have been able to do - and not do - with the online ordinations we offer on our site.

Tack och ha en bra dag!

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