The seriously hot weather has been momentarily quelled, but fear of its return is imminent.

New York began issuing gay marriage licenses while gay marriage protests filled the streets to combat it, but the one thing they had in common? All were happy that the the heat wave of 2011temperature fell from just over 100 to just about 90.

More than 200 million Americans have been swept into the sea of sweat in this heat wave. With triple digit temperatures littering the eastern seaboard, people are starting to feel like New York City and Philadelphia may as well be called Texas or Arizona.

Thus far, the sun and humidity have claimed 34 lives, and with August still left to weather, the toll is likely to climb and many records will continue to be broken.

It isn't just the heat that is acting in a manner with so little precedence. The added moisture from humidity has been leading to thunderstorms that are causing flights to be cancelled and passengers to sit in sticky airport terminals.

In case the heat does return, the Universal Life Church wants to ensure that everyone knows how to best avoid falling victim and being baked by the sun.

Obviously everyone will need to drink water, but an important tip is to take sips throughout the day, not gulp down the entire glass all at once. Taking cool baths and showers and dressing in excess clothing should reduce your chances of getting heat sickness. As for your home, drawing the blinds during the day and leaving your windows cracked will help circulate the air, especially at night although it is not advised to use a fan as your only means of cooling yourself throughout the day.

Further, keep your apartment or home cool by drawing the blinds during the day and avoiding using the oven.

Even following these recommendations, it is still possible to let the heat get the best of you. Fatigue, rapid breathing, weakness, fainting, headache and confusion are all tell-tale signs of heat sickness and definitely things to watch out for in this weather.

Should someone you know be experiencing these symptoms call for help first, and then move them to a cooler location. Remove excess clothing, and if you're familiar, give them a bath in lukewarm, not cold, water. If they are not vomiting, then giving them sips of cold, but not ice cold, water will help alleviate their symptoms until help arrives.

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