Bald eagleLeft feeling a spiritual void after you failed to be raptured on the 21stof May? Unsure of where to take your spiritual journey between now and the next predicted end of the world in December of 2012?

Why not go retro and begin to practice a new, ancient tradition? Why not discover your power animal?

The practice of subscribing to the belief is a shamanic tradition however, you do not need to be a shaman to have a power animal. Anyone can find their own power animal. In fact, this tradition is so personal that your power animal doesn't even necessarily have to be an animal; it can be a plant or a mountain or your favorite tree, should you feel that special connection with it.

Power animals are so intuitive and personal that is even possible to have a break up of sorts. Should you find that your power animal and you no longer have that connection, you may part ways. It is possible for people to have many power animals throughout their lives, as lives will demand different things at different times.

Identifying your power animal has many benefits. Not only do you have a kindred spirit with which to conquer life's trials and tribulations, power animals can help block you from all of the negative energy that the world may be sending your way. Power animals can help protect you from illness and even lend you their most notable characteristics in times of need.

The only thing asked of you will be that you honor your power animal at all times. It is always important to remember that the animal is making certain sacrifices to spend their life with you. Be sure to thank them accordingly.

Discovering your power animal is also a very personal experience. However there are some general tips that may help. Sometimes asking the help of an expert, your friendly local shaman, may help. They could help you in inducing a dream to help you identify the animal that shares your spirit. (It is important to remember that shaman often enter a dream-like, or trance, state to help them understand spiritual matters that are unseen by the naked eye, it is only when you divorce yourself from worldly consciousness.)

Another way to discover your power animal is to keep an eye on the world around you. If you notice a common animal that reoccurs throughout your life, it could be that they are trying to send you a message.

If you would like more information on power animals, pick up a copy of Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews available at the ULC bookstore! It will expand upon the small base of information provided here.

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