How to Become an Ordained Minister

Ordained ULC minister

Become an ordained minister in 3 simple steps:

  1. , or click on the "Become an Ordained Minister" button below.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Check your email for a ordination conformation.

Once you are ordained the next step is to order your official legal ordination credential. You can read all about the tools and materials you may need on your new adventure by heading over to our training center.

Becoming an ordained minister has never been easier or more convenient than with the Universal Life Church. The ULC ordains people of any background or belief under the mantra that we are all children of the same universe. It's free to join and does not require you to take any classes or pass a test like more traditional means such as seminaries or rabbinical schools.

The ordinations do not expire and are recognized across the United States of America. Once you sign up to become an ordained minister, you'll have the legal ability to be a wedding officiant, perform baptisms, funerals, and blessings, as well as start your own church and preach! All you have to do is submit the online ordination application to get started.

In many states, ministerial registration with documentation is needed to perform a wedding ceremony. Anything you might need can be found for purchase in our online store, including your minister license.

Online Ordination - How Does It Work?

Becoming a minister online

Signing up to get ordained through the ULC is so fast and easy, it sounds like it is too good to be true. It's important to understand how such a thing is legally possible. The Universal Life Church is an active non-profit church recognized by the government. As such, it can conduct its ordination in accordance with church doctrine. Since the ULC believes that anyone called to the ministry for any reason should be able to answer that call without the hassle of fees or classes, it really is as easy as filling out the online application. If you want additional information, you can learn how to get a minister license online and for other details on the process.

Become an Ordained Minister

A big perk of being ordained is that you can be a wedding officiant! Officiating a wedding is a rewarding and personal experience. However, understand that different localities have different laws guiding this process. It is recommended to make sure you are ordained by an American ministry such as the Universal Life Church. In most locations, you'll be asked to show your ordination certificate (as proof of your ordination) in order to perform a wedding. Some places may not require this step, but wedding ministers are responsible for finding out the guidelines for each wedding performed. Fortunately, the ULC is here to assist you. We have compiled a list of state marriage laws here on the site to help you determine what you'll need.

Please be aware that if you are required to show proof of ordination, you will need to order physical documentation from the ULC that will be mailed to you. Your ordination certificate must have a raised seal to be considered official, and your Letter of Good Standing must have live signatures. Be sure to order far enough in advance to receive these items in time for the ceremony.

To learn more about the ordination process in your state specifically, click the location below.