The Complete I Ching

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The I Ching is one the world's oldest religious tomes, and this translation by Alfred Huang will allow for easy exploration of the Eastern religious ideas.

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The "I Ching" is one of our world's oldest surviving religious texts. Originally published in 1000 BC this tome has been translated many times throughout the centuries and has endured to remain a guide for the moral teachings of Taoism and Confucianism. No religious scholar, particularly of Eastern religion, would leave this essential text out of their library.

This translation by Alfred Huang has been celebrated by many as the first English translation to fully capture the original spirit of China present in the writing. Huang includes in his translation the "King Wen sequence" which has been left out of many translations in the past. Also included are the "10 wings" essays and political commentaries which maintain their relevance even after 3000 years.

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